6 useful Mother’s Day gifts for homesteading moms

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Mothers do so much for their children — from making sure they eat well to keeping them safe. Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate all that they do.

For homesteading mothers, though, cut flowers and manicures just don’t do (the flowers in her garden are probably more beautiful, and is there anything more frustrating than tending to crops with freshly painted nails?). These Mother’s Day gifts are useful, thoughtful and — most importantly — practical.

Here are 6 useful Mother’s Day gifts the homesteading mother in your life will love and appreciate.

Garden journal

A garden journal will help the passionate gardening mother in your life keep track of her plants — and her thoughts — over the course of the season. If you buy her one that she can use year to year, it will also help her to track the health of her garden so it flourishes over time. We like “My Gardening Journal” from Fox Chapel Publishing, which helps organize and track garden progress over the course of four years.


Whether your homesteading mama is just getting started with DIY construction projects around the house or she is a seasoned pro, make sure her toolkit is equipped with these 9 essential tools to make her life a little easier. A cordless drill is an especially useful item for durable fixes around the homestead. Consumer Reports recently ranked the Bosch PS32-02, available at Lowe’s, as the best general-use cordless drill for 2019.


According to the National Retail Federation, fresh flowers account for about 67 percent of all Mother’s Day purchases. If you are picking a pretty annual for Mom to add to her garden, consider the snapdragon, the National Garden Bureau’s Flower of the Year.

Natural beauty products

Homesteading mothers are likely more conscious about the impact of beauty products on their body and the environment. Beauty products made from natural materials are less likely to contain chemicals that can impact the planet or your health. Check out our review of 8 natural deodorants to see if one of them might be a good fit for your hardworking homestead mom.

Tumbling composter

Compost is essential to the health of any garden. If your homesteading mother is crazy about her compost, surprise her with a compost tumbler to help make the daily task of turning compost a little easier. You can buy one at many major hardware or garden supply stores (this tumbling composter from FMCP Outdoors at Home Depot is affordable and well-reviewed), or you can make your own by following these instructions from The Family Handyman.

DIY gifts

Making your own gift for Mother’s Day is not only more sustainable, but it is often more thoughtful and well-loved. Try this DIY weighted eye mask and easy homemade candles to help Mom relax and unwind after a long day in the field, or try one of these 9 easy, inexpensive homemade gifts — from bath salts to hot sauce — that Mom will love.

The gift you pick will depend on what your homesteading mom loves to do. Ask her what her next dream project is, and pick her present accordingly to show her how much you care.

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